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Safe Sack Allergy Friendly Lunch Bags

Embrace. Educate. Empower.

This site is dedicated to empower, educate and support parents and caretakers of children who suffer from life-threatening allergies. Allergy Haven is the first line of defense. We offer up-to-date information on allergies, guidelines and products designed to protect your child in and out of the home. It is our philosophy that you can create a safe haven for your child and a foundation for them to thrive.

Everyday, hundreds of children are diagnosed with food allergies (in particular, peanut allergy, nut allergy, wheat allergy and egg allergy)… and experience a range of symptoms from eczema and hives to anaphylaxis. Under the Allergy Basics tab above visit our Safe Home, Safe Living and Safe Food pages for tips.

Allergy Haven carriers are handmade in the USA and support EpiPen®, Twinject®, AuviQ® and Allerject® epinephrine injectors.